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Wireless PS4 Gaming Controller

*Great replacement games handle for PS4, responds quickly, feels comfortable
*Play PS4 games with this Game controller wirelessly via Bluetooth or play with cable
*Stream live gameplay to social media with share button
*Provide a 9.84 ft charging cable to charge the internal rechargeable Battery>*Great gift to your friends or family

Product description

Compatibility: ForPlayStation 4(PS4), PlayStation 3(PS3), PlayStation 2(PS2) and PC computer
Input power rating: 5V-800mA
Battery Type:Built-inrechargeable Lithium-ion battery
Voltage: 3.65 V
Battery capacity: 1Ah 
Operating temperature: 5℃ - 35℃(41 ℉ - 95℉)
Mass: Approx.210g (7.4 oz)

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