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Kujian S1W Nintend Switch Controller USB Wired Gamepad for Nintend Switch NS 2017 and PC

Kujian S1W Gaming Controller designed for Nintendo Switch 2017,USB Wired Connect

Plug-and-Play, 10 ft Flexible long cord provide stable and extension of gaming  performance. NOTE: Please Set Controller Wired Communication mode on before use.

Work with Nintendo Switch 2017 and PC (Windows XP/Win7/Win8.1/Win10)

Ergonomic Design with Fast-action trigger shoulder buttons, Reliable D-Pad and Turbo function

Ultimate gaming experience. Two Motor in Grip, Screen shoot and vibration function, anti-interference magnetic ring to enhance signal strength. Less delay, more accurate. Best Gift idea for Nintendo Switch gamers and fans.

Product description

The Kujian S1W Wired Gaming Controller is the best choice for those gamers who want the most accurate Controller, response and ergonomics for their Nintendo Switch. 

Notes: Please set wired controller communication before connect KujianS1W. And NFC functionality cannot be used when a controller used wired communication.
TIPS: Please check the manual or contact Kujian customer service team for gamepad update as the product only support updated by manual. 

Product parameter

Interface: USB Port

Material: ABS Plastic

Operating voltage: 5V

Support: Nintendo Switch/ PC (Windows XP/Win7/Win8.1/Win10)

Connection: USB 1.0/ 1.1/ 2.0

Operating temperature: -40 ~ 140ºF

Dimensions: Approx. 6.2 x 4.3x 2.2 in

Weight: 0.5 lb

Package List

1* Wired Gamepad for Nintendo Switch

1* English Manual

ST nintendo switch controller wired gaming controller  Gamepad for Nintendo Switch






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