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Switch Pro Game Controller Wireless

ISHAKO Switch Pro Game Controller For Nintendo Switch

Model No.:S-SG02 (Black)

1) Especially designed for Nintendo Switch Pro.

2) Supports gyro axis, Dual vibration and Turbo. Powerful add-value function Give an immersive gaming experience.

3) Ergonomic design with standard button layout gives you a comfortable feeling in hand

4) Built-in 400mAh battery provides 5-8 hours of continuous game play.

5) Connect to switch console via Wireless connection. 

Product description

ISHAKO Wireless Switch Pro Game Controller is a sturdy, configurable, and gorgeous controller for enthusiasts of fancy. It comes with comfortable face buttons, bumpers, triggers, and analog sticks to fits more gamer`s hands.

The wireless switch Pro game controller changable D-pad is avalible to moved away from the 360's disc style to a more traditional four-way cross style, which allows for better accuracy. The shoulder buttons are as comfortable to press as they are to rest the fingers on, which provides improved force feedback.

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